2017 Compatible Journal Based Bulk Family Upgrade Utility

The previous iterations of the batch family upgrader that I have posted previously were only compatible in versions of Revit up until 2016. After tweaking the journal slightly, it is now compatible with Revit 2017 and I have also tested that it is backward compatible with 2015 and 2016. You can download the updated version of

Modelo Brings Presentations And Collaboration to Anywhere With a Data Connection

In the last 6 to 18 months, the 3D collaboration and visualisation world has exploded with new software

Filtering Schedules

I had a question earlier in the week via Linkedin from Marvin, the question was Ryan, I was

Sizing AS3500 Compliant Pipework Using Revit – Part 1

For Australians that have tried working with the pipe sizing tool within Revit, you would know that Revit doesn’t quite

No Space Name Utility? No Worries!

Sitting in Dan Stine’s lab at RTC AU 2016 and in true to RTC form, a piece of

Updated Conversion to Metric Script

This is something that I haven’t used in a while, but it seems a lot of people out there find this quite handy. The script I had posted previously was for Revit 2014, I had not used it in 2015 and was only alerted to the fact it didn’t work this week, I thought I’d

Print PDF From Dynamo @ ArchiLab

I’ve been trying to get traction with Dynamo at work for a while now, and I think people are starting to pay a little more attention. I was pulling together some examples to show what can be done and I stumbled across this post on Archi Lab which allows you to print PDFs using Dynamo. If you haven’t

How to Fix the ‘Stacked Wall’ Error When Loading Families Into Revit

At some point, you’re probably going to look like this guy – loading a family and you’ll be

Revit to Excel With Included Column Headers Using Dynamo

I recently received a follow up question to my Revit to Excel Dynamo post asking how to add header to

Revit Technology Conference Singapore – September 10 – 12

Come and see me speak at the Revit Technology Conference in Singapore from September 10-12 at the Equarius

Quick and Dirty AutoIT – Delete Project Parameters

Have you ever had a model that you’ve wanted to remove the project/shared parameters from quickly without having