Simple Sheet Planner Family

I was talking with a colleague today about the woes of a modeler trying to plan out drawing sheets with ever changing engineering input during the project setup. He wanted to know if there was a solution to pre-plan sheet layouts before spending the time setting up the required views.

My solution is pretty simple, I knocked up an annotation symbol that you can adjust based on your sheet size, the parameters HEIGHT and WIDTH are type parameters that you can configure based on different variation of your titleblocks. I also placed a shaded section to show the limit of where you could place grids within the view without touching the border of the titleblock, again there is a parameter GRID_ALLOWANCE that you can adjust depending on the size of your grid bubbles.

The reason that I have use an annotation symbol is that the symbol will scale relative to the view that you are in, so no need for a cumbersome series of families for various scales.

You can see the family in action below

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