Revit MEP

Using Integers for Tricky Titleblocks

Have you ever come across a project with a keyplan in the titleblock and wondered how to go

Scope Box Synchroniser Addin

Have you ever tried to manage a large project across multiple models with numerous scope boxes? Or maybe you

Using Excitech Tools to Create Coordinate Schedules

Have you ever adventured into the land of site works in Revit and needed to provide contractors with

Creating Pipework Drop/Rise Hexagons

If you’re located in Australia or New Zealand, chances are you use these lovely hexagons or some other

Getting Started With Hydraulic Pipe Sizing in Revit

I’ve been poking my nose around Revit Forum a little more lately and a post in the MEP forum

Clean 2D Pipe Fitting Symbols

One of the gripes that a lot of hydraulic engineers and modellers have with Revit is the representation

So You Want to Model All Services in One Model?

..but you don’t have an all services template to start with. How do you go about setting this


You may have noticed that when modelling pipework on grade, displaying that grade as a percentage, Revit rounds

Scaling Filled Regions in Detail Items

The secret to parametric families are reference planes. Of course, you can apply parameters that adjust the dimensions

Modelling Pipework Bends at Less Than 5°

The question came up at work yesterday about if it were possible to draw pipes in Revit at