Pile Cap Family With Angled Piles – Revit Family

This family is a simple square pile cap with four piles, the difference in this family is however that the angle of the piles is adjustable. I have used the same method to make the angular adjustments as I used in my ACO H100K trench grate family. This time around however, each pile is hosted on a reference plane arc that is then hosted to another reference plane arc. This is to achieve what is basically a full 360° orbit of the pile. The pile is a nested face based family. The reason it is face based is to host it to the reference plane without much drama; in hindsight though I probably should have made the pile unhosted and workplane based.

In elevation, I have named the parameter RATIO_X_IN_1, where you are entering X. The default value is 3 to achieve 3:1. I then use trigonometry to convert the ratio to an angle that I can tilt the pile. In plan, I have named the parameter ANGLE, this is simply a rotation toward the outer edge of the pile cap.

The intention is that if you used shared parameters, not only would you have an all in one pile cap with adjustable pile angles, you could also create annotations that you could tag out the relevant information on the piles.

All the parameters are family parameters, however if you needed to do so, it would be easy to rebuild the family with your company’s shared parameters.


ACO H100K Trench Grate – Revit Family

This trench grate is based on the ACO H100K Slab Drain

  • Adjustable length (instance with grip)
  • Adjustable grade (instance)
  • Optional zero grade (yes/no instance)
  • Adjustable outlet position (instance)

This family uses trigonometry to calculate the adjustment angle from horizontal using the GRADE_RATIO_1_IN parameter. You need to enter the grade that you require (i.e. 200) and Revit will do the rest. By default the family is set to 1:200.

If you don’t require the grated trench to be on grade and instead require it to be flat, simply check the IS_FLAT check box. This will override the grade calculation fixing the trench to horizontal.

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