2017 Compatible Journal Based Bulk Family Upgrade Utility

The previous iterations of the batch family upgrader that I have posted previously were only compatible in versions of Revit up until 2016. After tweaking the journal slightly, it is now compatible with Revit 2017 and I have also tested that it is backward compatible with 2015 and 2016.

You can download the updated version of the bulk family update utility below

7 thoughts on “2017 Compatible Journal Based Bulk Family Upgrade Utility

  1. avatar Rob says:

    This is a pretty nifty script and it works great! Is there a way to modify it to audit & purge the files also? Doing so manually to a large library is tediously slow.

  2. avatar Ryan Lenihan says:

    Sure thing Rob, check out this post here https://www.revit.com.au/modifying-that-journal-script-to-actually-shrink-family-sizes/ which uses the same script format as a purge. You’d just need to add the code to purge into the upgrade script.

  3. avatar revitrevit says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing. It is a very handy tool and it opened my eyes into the world of the journal file. I tried it on my own massive archive of revit families but found the tool crashing eventually, which meant having to find out the last updated family and editing the list to restart the process from there. After a while I realised that your script was not closing the files after upgrade. I added one line of code and now it works perfectly with any size library I throw at it.

  4. avatar Ryan Lenihan says:

    Good to hear! There have been a few iterations of the script, particularly at the end as it was throwing errors in newer versions of Revit, I didn’t realise I dropped off bit where the file closes. Thanks for picking that up, I’ll fix it up and re-upload.

  5. avatar revitrevit says:

    Ryan, sorry, I meant to post this for the unit conversion (imperial to metric) script. The batch upgrader does close files.

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