3D Print Construction of Buildings

A few months ago I stumbled across an article about a team from the University of Southern California that designed a 3D printer that can construct houses out of layered concrete.


I eagerly sent it around to all my BIM buddies, to which most replied “Not in our lifetime” and other similar replies. A little dismayed I left it at that, still hopeful that we will see technology emerge into the mainstream in the near future and not just a proof of concept.

Well, over the weekend, this video popped up in my newsfeed; a Chinese inventor and his 3D printer are creating 10 houses per 24 hours out of a mix of concrete and recycled products.

He even built his office using his 3D printer! The obvious immediate advantage of this technology is to use it to construct low cost housing in disadvantaged areas, or even as disaster relief, but why should it stop there?

Looking further into the construction of 3D printed buildings, an architectural firm in Amsterdam are slowly building a canal house. In this instance, the canal house is being constructed out of recycled plastics.

With developments like this, it’s really exciting to be involved in the BIM and construction industry at the moment.

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