What to do when you have no option to save your Navisworks NWD

A quick tip for your Tuesday afternoon.

Have you ever had the problem where no matter how many times you click on the save button, you can’t see the option to save your Navisworks file as an NWD?


This likely means that you have an NWD file attached that has been set with the ‘May be re-saved’ option was unchecked when it was published. Have a check through your selection tree, find the offending NWD file and try to save again. All of a sudden saving as an NWD is an option again.

In this case, the fix is to get another copy of the file, this time with the ‘May be re-saved’ option checked, or better yet, if you will be working with future iterations of the file as your project progresses; ask for an NWC.

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