Quick and Dirty AutoIT – Delete Project Parameters

Have you ever had a model that you’ve wanted to remove the project/shared parameters from quickly without having to go through the mind numbing process of clicking the series of buttons to remove each individual parameter?

Have a crack at AutoIT, it’s a scripting language that you can either run direct from the editor or compile into *.exe files.

While 1
; usually a good idea to put this in so you don't max your CPU
; open your project parameter window and hit go!
;click remove
ControlClick("Project Parameters", "", "[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:3]")
;confirm remove
ControlClick("Delete Parameter", "", "[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:1]")

I had a series of about 50 hodge-podge parameters that I wanted to remove and this little script cycled through them in a few seconds. Of course it only really works if you want to get rid of all the parameters in a project or template, but that is exactly what I wanted to do.

Hopefully someone else will find this one useful too.

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