Turning Off Light Sources in Navisworks

A common question I receive at work is “How do I turn off these pesky light sources in Navisworks?”

The answer? Quite easily.

First, select one of your lighting fixtures, from the selection tree, expand out the lighting fixture element, finding the light source itself.

4-10-2013 9-53-23 AM

Once you have selected the light source, if you check the properties window, you will see that the material of the light source is named “Default Light Source”

4-10-2013 9-53-54 AM

If you check a few more lighting fixtures, you will see that this is the same for all of your lighting fixtures, so all you need to do is create a simple selection set and turn the light sources off.

To create a selection set, go to the find items window, and then input Material -> Name -> = -> Default Light Source as per the screenshot below. Once you have done this, select Find All

4-10-2013 9-51-38 AM

Then it’s as simple as clicking hide

4-10-2013 9-52-49 AM





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