Using Ideate BIM Link and areas in Revit MEP for quick and easy calculation models

22-03-2013 5-03-01 PM

I was handed a dirty big piece of paper the other day by a Revit capable engineer with lines that were traced in AutoCAD, complete with manual calculations and tables calculating the catchment areas for a large project that we’re working on currently. I was asked to take the sheet of paper, a calculator and “get to it” to provide the total flow that would be discharged to two separate civil catchment areas. I was a bit taken aback to be honest.


I took it upon myself to create a calculation model that would automate the process. Not only does the model produce a higher quality output, but the model can be used throughout the life of the project, updated as changes filter through from the architects and adapted and manipulated for other rainfall calculations across the project.

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